Fast as a Glacier in a Sea of Molasses

Some items to note since the last update:

  • The feature film of which I still cannot spill the proverbial beans about is completed, but there’s still no word on when it will be available for festival viewing or otherwise.

  • I am finishing up the mix on two tracks to have online as soon as budgetary constraints allow. Artwork is complete and will be revealed when everything is lined up for release.

  • Art and music for Changing the Dial has been uploaded

It's too quiet

It’s been far too long since I have updated this. Trust me, it only appears quiet. For the last 6 months I have been hard at work on the score to a feature film which I can’t disclose at this time. It has been an undertaking, but I am very proud of the work. With any luck the film will be hitting the festival circuit later this year. More updates to come on this when I’m given permission to spill the proverbial beans.

Work on the next few releases a well as their corresponding artworks has also moved forward. Some of this material has found its way into a live set.

Speaking of which, I have two upcoming performances scheduled (so far) this summer:

7/20 - The Jungeon, Rutherford, NJ

8/8 - H0L0, Queens, NY*

*improv show

That’s all for now. I’m about to move into the home stretch of the aforementioned film score. Once mixing has completed I will be shifting my focus back to original music and artworks, and with any luck there will be some release dates on the horizon.

Atmospheric Testing and other news


The sounds and artwork for Atmospheric Testing and Atmospheric Testing 2 has been added to the site. Both releases are collections of work that experiment in one way or another and would otherwise stand out like sore thumbs if placed on another release. With any luck I hope to continue this tradition of releases in the spirit of one of these tests after some more meat-and-potatoes music finds its way to your ears.

THE FIRST VOLUME of Atmospheric Testing is a collection of each single or micro-release from the last two years, containing everything from synthesizer-heavy soundtrack music to experimental black metal to harsh noise to washy psychedelic rock.

THE SECOND VOLUME contains spontaneous single take recordings of improvised solo guitar + effect pedals.

Both can be downloaded for the price of your choice (yes, that includes free of charge) from the Bandcamp page:


Work is about to begin on a feature film score which with any luck will make its way to film festivals in 2019. The challenge of shifting from short to feature is as exhilarating as it is terrifying, but this is a direction I have been hoping to move towards for many years now.

In addition to the soundtrack work, preparations for live performance have nearly completed. Rehearsing and refining the current set to reflect something I can feel confident to perform in front of human beings has been an interesting ride, but is nearing completion.


Procrastination and anxiety be damned, this site now exists. Much is still in flux with most of the crucial information missing. All the same, enjoy!